Connection Pooling in Pgpool-II

Pgpool-II is a cluster management tool for PostgreSQL that can cache connections to PostgreSQL servers. This blog introduces Pgpool-II connection pooling feature and shows how to configure connection pooling in Pgpool-II.What is connection pooling?Establishing and maintaining Database connections are expensive. The reason is that you have to establish a network connection, perform authentication and so on. Database connection pooling is a cache of database connections to keep database connections open so that the connection can be reused when a connection is required by a future request.Reusing an active connection rather than establishing a new connection each time a connection is requested can improve performance and save system resources.How does connection pooling work in Pgpool-II?Pgpool-II caches established connections to the PostgreSQL servers and reuses them whenever a new request with the same properties (i.e. user name, database, protocol version, and other connection param…